• Convention bureau & PCO

  • Local professional teams

    The Lyon Convention Bureau offers support to the conference organization: free use of the prestigious City Hall ballroom for cocktail, organization and funding of a site inspection (accommodation, dinners and local transportation), welcome disposal for attendees (welcome posters in hotel reception desks, signages in concerned buses).
    A consortium of Professional Congress Organizers supports the conference management with its expertise: fundraising and sponsorship management, financial management, registration and accommodation booking services, local service providers knowledge, scientific data optimization, technological skills & innovation…
  • Local PCOs supporting the conference organization

    > 152 permanent staff members
    > 70 millions € of Turnover in 2015
    > 170 events organised each year, including 120 conferences from 200 up to 11,000 attendees
    > local agencies in Lyon, Paris, Toulouse, Grenoble, Nice
    > 40 millions € in sponsorship & fundraising management

    Event Management ERP
    - Own Event Management System
    - Dedicated web developers team (Over 110 platforms a year)
    - Forward thinkers (we believe that innovation can improve business and human interaction)
      Inviteo MyEvent, community accelerator
    Not an application, but a webapp
    - Full responsive technologies
    - Runs on every display (Mac, PC, Tablets, Smartphones)
    - All browsers compatible (Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari..)
    Real time & intuitive shared database
    Secure access for organizers (extranet)
    • Real time statistics of attendance
    • Complete list of attendees & abstracts
    • Excel, word & pdf exports
    • Online Financial reports
    • Access to each registration & details of abstracts submission
      Interactive programme
    - Consult the day by day programme
    - Create your personalised agenda
    - Discover who are the attendees of each session and get in contact with them
    Easy & efficient abstract management
    - Online submissions & evaluation forms
    - Automatic e-mails confirmations
    - Dedicated space for reviewers
    - Customisable evaluation forms
    - Access for all the scientific committee
    - Online access to the oral communications & posters abstracts
    - possibilty to create your own personalised book of abstracts
      Abstracts & communications
    - Consult the list of posters & oral communications
    - Read the abstracts and consult the profile of the author
    - Discover the attendees who have an interest in your contribution
    - Vote for the best posters
    - Access to all evaluations, possibility to operate changes (notation, topics...)
    Commercialisation & Sponsorship
    - Elaborating with ISPP / ICPP LOC members the sponsorship prospectus
    - Finding new exhibitors and sponsors with the help of ICPP LOC members
    - Promoting the Congress on related events
    - Dealing with the sponsored symposia
    - Producing the exhibition plan
    - Consult the list of exhibitors and their representatives
    - As an exhibitor, I can personalise my profile and present my activities
    - As an exhibitor, I can see who is following me and send a message to invite the attendee on my booth
    - Add to favorites the exhibitors you want to see
    - Each badge is equipped with a personalised QR Code
    - As an organiser, I scan the QR Code for check-in on arrival and instantly get statistics on visitors
    - As a participant, I collect the e-business card by flashing the QR Code and keep all the contacts in my bookmarks
      List of participants
    - Consult the list of participants before the event
    - Discover their profile (e-business card)
    - Select the people you want to meet and you will be notified of their arrival on the event
    - Send them a message through the internal chat service
    An Interactive Tweetwall
    - Major screens display the various contributions of the attendees (tweet, photographs, SMS, videos…)
    - Opportunity to react live during all the event using a specific free mobile number and a dedicated hashtag
    - The social wall is also displayed on the website of the event, for those who can’t be able to attend
      Internal Chat
    - Use the internal Chat to arrange BtoB meeting in a non-intrusive way
    - Get a notification when you receive a new message
    - As an organizer, send easily notifications to people (welcome message on arrival, changes of rooms, announcement on programme, etc…)