• Conference Committees

    The French Phytopathological Society will be the leading institution in the organization of ICPP 2023. SFP has the capability and experience for organising a high quality conference.
    • Lyon hosted the SFP plenary congress in 2009
    • SFP organizes its national conference every 3-4 years since 1987
    • SFP  was financially responsible for the ECFG13, in Paris, 2016 (750 attendees)
    • The 12th conference of the European Fondation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) was organized by SFP in Dunkerque, France, on June 2017
  • Local Organizing Committee

  • More than 70 national and international scientists invested in the committees covering all aspects of Plant Pathology

    Charles MANCEAU
    Plant Health and emerging plant diseases- ANSES, Angers
    Diana FERNANDEZ, President of SFP / Plant-pathogen interactions, nematodes- IRD, Montpellier
    Etienne DANCHIN
    Comparative and evolutionary genomics of nematodes - INRA, Sophia Antipolis (Nice)
    Thierry LANGIN
    Cereal diseases - CNRS, Clermont-Ferrand
    Marie DUFRESNE
    Functional genomics of cereals-pathogen interactions
    University of Paris Sud, Saclay
    Philippe REIGNAULT, vice-president of SFP / Cereal fungal pathogens - University of Littoral Cote d’Opale, Calais
    Dominique ROBY
    Immunity networks and plant responses to the environment - CNRS, Toulouse
    Marielle ADRIAN
    Induced resistance of plants against diseases - University of Burgundy, Dijon
    Charles-Eric DUREL
    Genetic basis of plant resistance and resistance durability - INRA, Angers
    Essaïd AIT BARKA
    Alternative strategies to protect grapevine - University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
    Sylvie GERMAN-RETANA, Treasurer of SFP / Plant virology - INRA, Bordeaux
    Christophe RITZENTHALER
    Integrative virology - CNRS, Strasbourg
    Benoit MOURY
    Evolution of plant-pathogenic viruses- INRA, Avignon
    Olivier LEMAIRE
    Virus resistance and virus vectors - INRA, Colmar
    Alia DELLAGI
    Nitrogen-pathogen interactions, bacterial pathogenesis - AgroParisTech (Paris)
    Stéphane GENIN
    Bacterial pathogenesis and adaptation to the plant environment - CNRS, Toulouse
    Cindy MORRIS
    Ecology of Plant-Pathogenic bacteria - INRA, Avignon
    Denis FAURE
    Plant-Bacteria interactions - CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette (Paris)
    Valérie VERDIER
    Virulence of plant-pathogenic bacteria - IRD, Montpellier
    Christian STEINBERG
    Ecology of Plant-pathogenic Fungi  - INRA, Dijon
    Anne-Sophie WALKER
    Antifungals mode of action and resistance - INRA, Grignon (Paris)
    Isabelle FUDAL
    Effectors and pathogenesis of Fungi - INRA, Grignon (Paris)
    Didier THARREAU, secretary of SFP / Evolution and population genetics of plant-pathogenic fungi - CIRAD, Montpellier
    Didier ANDRIVON
    Resistance and Adaptation, Oomycetes - INRA, Rennes
    Bernard DUMAS
    Oomycetes effectors and Natural Defence Stimulators - CNRS, Toulouse
    Marc BARDIN
    Microbiology of Agro-ecosystems - INRA, Avignon
    Wild plant pathosystems, Ecology of Plant Diseases - INRA, Bordeaux
    Pascal FREY, Former President of SFP / Ecology of Forest Pathogenic Fungi - INRA, Nancy
    Ivan SACHE, Former President of SFP / Epidemiology of fungal diseases - AgroParisTech (Paris)
    Epidemiology models of plant diseases - INRA, Avignon
    Gaël THEBAUD
    Epidemiology models of plant diseases - INRA, Montpellier
    James BROWN
    Crop genetics - John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK
    Odile CARISSE
    Epidemiology Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    Antonio DI PIETRO
    Signaling and pathogenesis in fungi - University of Cordoba, Spain
    Francesco FAVARON
    Plant physiopathology and phytopathological biotechnologies - University of Padova, Italy
    Fernando GARCIA-ARENAL
    Plant-virus interaction and co-evolution - Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genomics, Spain
    Godelieve GHEYSEN
    Molecular interaction between plants and endoparasitic nematodes - University of Gent, Belgium
    Richard HAMELIN
    Genomics of Forest Pathogens - University of British Columbia, Canada
    Sheng Yang HE
    Plant bacteriology - Michigan State University, USA
    Monica HOFTE
    Host-microorganism interactions and Crop protection - University of Gent, Belgium
    Edouard JURKEVITCH
    Microbial Ecology - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
    Sophien KAMOUN
    Effector biology of plant-pathogen oomycetes - Sainsbury Laboratory (TSL), Norwich, UK
    Levente KISS
    Plant-pathogenic fungi - Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary
    Anna-Liisa LAINE
    Epidemiology, Population Genetics, Evolutionary Biology - University of Helsinky, Finland
    Bénédicte LEBAS
    Detection, Identification, plant virology - Ministry for Primary Industries, New-Zealand
    Plant-pathogenic bacteria - University of Gdansk, Poland
    Kristiina MAKINEN
    Plant virology - University of Helsinky, Finland
    Quirico MIGHELI
    Mycotoxins, Plant-fungus interactions - University of Sassari, Italy
    Allen MILLER
    Plant virology - Iowa State University, USA
    Richard OLIVER
    Plant pathogens and fungicide resistance - Curtin University, Australia
    Ali RHOUMA
    Plant Pathology in North Africa - Institution of Agricultural Research and Higher Education, Tunisia
    Giuseppe STANCANELLI
    Animal and Plant Health - European Food Safety Authority, Italy
    Marciel  STADNIK
    Plant-pathogenic fungi - Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brasil
    Population biology and evolutionary processes in plant pathogenic fungi - Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany