• Conference theme

  • One health for all plants, crops and trees

    The One Health concept is a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and commu-nications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment.
    Plant Health and Plant Pathology are however usually not included into this definition. ICPP2023 will promote the integration of Plant Health & Plant Pathology into the One Health concept !

    The formalization of “One Health” is often attributed to Claude Bourgelat (Lyon, 1712-1779), the founder of the first veterinary school in Lyon in 1761.
  • Conference themes and sessions

    Proposed keynote themes:
    > Healthy Plants and Safe food for All, co-organized with EFSA
    > Invasive and Emerging Plant Diseases, co-organized with OEPP/EPPO
    > Diseases of European/Mediterranean crops and forests
    > Host-pathogen Interactions and Molecular Plant Pathology
    > Recent Developments in Plant Disease Management
    > Role of Plant Pathology in a Global Economy
    Proposed concurrent sessions:
    > Agroecology
    > Airborne plant diseases and their control
    > Bacterial plant pathogens
    > Biological control
    > Biosecurity and quarantine
    > Breeding strategies for plant resistance
    > Chemical control
    > Climate change and plant diseases
    > Cereal diseases
    > Disease management in organic farming
    > Endophytes
    > Epidemiology and disease modeling, co-organized with EFSA
    > Epidemiology of plant viruses
    > Fastidious and wall-less bacteria
    > Fungal plant pathogens
    > Fruit tree diseases
    > Genomics and Proteomics
    > Global seed health: concerns and solutions
    > Induced resistance
    > Innovative disease control strategies
    > Management of forest diseases
    > Molecular diagnostics
    > Molecular host-pathogen interaction
    > Mycotoxins
    > Natural compounds and disease control
    > Nematode plant pathogens
    > Oomycetes plant pathogens
    > Ornamentals and turfgrasses diseases
    > Post-harvest pathology
    > Population genetics and evolutionary biology
    > Precision agriculture
    > Scientific publications
    > Soilborne plant diseases and their control
    > Taxonomy of plant pathogens
    > Teaching plant pathology
    > Transgenic plants
    > Tropical plant pathology
    > Vascular plant pathogens
    > Viral plant pathogens